New Safety is Excellence Training is available

Our new and improved Safety is Excellence training video is now available on NetLearning, and all teammates must watch the mandatory training by Dec. 31. [Read more…]

Three important security reminders

We are devastated by the horrific event on Sunday that left two nurses dead at Dallas Methodist Medical Center.

Nothing is more important than the safety of teammates and patients and we want to provide a few important safety reminders. [Read more…]

Here are four safety reminders

Safety for our teammates is just as important as safety for our patients.

Here are four tips we can all follow to make Roper St. Francis Healthcare the safest place to work. [Read more…]

New required safety training is due Dec. 31

Dear teammates,

I want to share an enhancement to our mandatory Safety is Excellence training program. [Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: Week 1 update

We launched our Safety is Excellence training classes one week ago, and our first week went well. [Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: Your thoughts on how to create a safer work environment

As part of our Safety is Excellence initiative, we asked teammates to share one way they could help create a safer work and care environment. [Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: Put Safety First in Decision Making

[Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: Enter to win Sam Hunt tickets

As part of our Safety is Excellence initiative, we’re asking teammates to share one way they can help create a safer work and care environment to enter to win Sam Hunt tickets. [Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: Start meetings with a safety message

Why: Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to create a connection and show what is important to our organization. It also supports acountability for performance improvement. [Read more…]

Safety is Excellence: A new chapter in our safety journey

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is enhancing its focus on patients and teammates’ safety by launching a new long-term initiative, “Safety is Excellence.” [Read more…]