Letter of Gratitude: Cardiac patient grateful for “speed and efficiency” and outstanding care

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a grateful patient who suffered a heart attack and wanted me to know he received “outstanding service and care” at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital and Roper Hospital. [Read more…]

Letter of Gratitude: “Wonderful care” at the end of life

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude is a heartfelt message from the wife of a patient who was treated on the fifth floor at Roper Hospital. [Read more…]

What great hospitals, health care systems have in common

The following piece ran as a commentary in Monday’s Post and Courier. It was written by our President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeff DiLisi.

Great hospitals and healthcare systems share two characteristics – safe patients and engaged employees. [Read more…]

Letter of Gratitude: Together we’re stronger

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a teammate who is in awe of the compassion and collaboration of her colleagues. [Read more…]

Letter of Gratitude: Patient notices eye contact, compassion

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a daughter whose father had surgery last weekend at Roper Hospital. [Read more…]

From the CEO: “A”-mazing news about our hospitals

Dear teammates,

Happy Nurses Week and Healthcare Week! [Read more…]

Letter of Gratitude: Out-of-state doctor recognizes clinical excellence

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a family practitioner from Alabama who immediately recognized excellent clinical care when his wife received it. [Read more…]

Letters of Gratitude: Team “truly amazing” during emergency appendectomy

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a Lowcountry resident who works as a marketing professional with healthcare systems nationwide. [Read more…]

Patient thanks teammate for “friendly smile and smooth coordination”

[Read more…]

From the CEO, CNO & CPO: We stand by you in a Just Culture

Dear teammates,

Like many of you, we have been closely following the news of a jury conviction of a former Vanderbilt Medical Center nurse for a medical error that resulted in a patient death. While this case has many complex details, I want to reassure you that Roper St. Francis Healthcare has and always will stand by our teammates and physicians in a Just Culture. [Read more…]