CEO & C.C. visit Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital

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New mandatory training will help us sustain safer work, care environment

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Letter of Gratitude: Couple finds themselves “in capable hands” of Roper’s Cath Lab

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from the wife of a Roper Hospital patient who needed a heart catheter. [Read more…]

Laishy Williams-Carlson’s role to expand

Dear teammates,

I want to share that Laishy Williams-Carlson will be taking on more responsibility and holding a dual role as chief information officer for both Roper St. Francis Healthcare and Bon Secours Mercy Health, one of the two partners in our joint venture. [Read more…]

Letter of Gratitude: healing during the final days

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from the daughter of a patient just after he passed away. [Read more…]

CEO pays an EPIC visit

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Dr. Jeffrey DiLisi: We improve for you and your loved ones

Editor’s Note: The following Letter to the Editor by Dr. Jeffrey DiLisi, our president and CEO, ran in today’s Post and Courier. [Read more…]

Leaders deliver unanimous support for Epic launch

Dear teammates,

Exactly 488 days ago, I shared for the first time how Epic would transform how we deliver care, improve clinical information availability, and create a better experience for our patients. [Read more…]

Patient after foot surgery says her care was “awesome from start to finish”

Today’s Letter of Gratitude comes from a grateful patient who had foot surgery at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital and follow-up care at Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital.

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Letter of Gratitude: 10 out of 10-level care delivered at James Island Surgery Center

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a Charleston resident who had surgery in May at the Roper Hospital Ambulatory Surgery & Pain Management outpatient center on James Island. [Read more…]