Dr. Chris McLain: Thank you to our RSFH medical staff

Dear RSFH medical staff,

Happy Doctors’ Day! I’m sure most of you can remember the moment you decided you wanted to be a physician. [Read more…]

FAQs for RSFH medical staff

  1. [Read more…]

Making progress on our vaccination waiting list

Our Contact Center has been working hard to schedule eligible patients for their first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccine. [Read more…]

One year of COVID-19: Thank you for your sacrifice

Dear teammates,

One year ago, a patient walked into an outpatient office on the Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital campus with COVID-19 symptoms. [Read more…]

March Stoplight Report

To read a copy of the full March Stoplight Report, click here.

We would like to highlight several Cerner updates that have been recently implemented or will be put in place soon. [Read more…]

Prioritizing physician engagement

Dear physicians and APPs,

As you’ll recall, we shared in November the amazing news that Roper St. Francis Healthcare ranked in the 84th percentile nationally for our engagement based on your input on the Physician Engagement Survey. [Read more…]

Delaying mammograms until four to six weeks after second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Radiologists are reporting an increased incidence in unilateral axillary adenopathy in the same arm of COVID-19 vaccine administration. This is considered reactive adenopathy although does require additional workup with axillary ultrasound and potentially biopsy as malignancy can present similarly. [Read more…]

February Stoplight Report

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COVID vaccine questionnaire affirmative answer guidance and anaphylaxis protocol

Covid vaccine questionnaire affirmative answer guidance and anaphylaxis protocol

January 2021 Stoplight Report

Click here to read the Stoplight Report for January 2021