Leadership Development Institute #58 on June 29

LDI #58 agenda

Help us reach 100 percent participation during the RSFH Gives! Campaign!

The RSFH Gives! Campaign is an exciting opportunity to give back to support the Roper St. Francis Foundation, Trident United Way, or both organizations if you choose.

This campaign is about YOU. You are the heart of Roper St. Francis. We hope you will join teammates such as Jerry in support of this campaign so we can provide the resources we need to take care of our patients. [Read more…]

Additional UKG support available for leaders

The journey to UKG Dimensions is a partnership between Bon Secours Mercy Healthcare and Roper St. Francis Healthcare. [Read more…]

Well-Being Index to launch June 20

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to share news of an exciting new initiative we plan to launch on June 20. [Read more…]

Josh Hurwitz promoted to Director of Analytics and Decision Support

Josh Hurwitz has been promoted to director of analytics and decision support. [Read more…]

RSFH Gives! T-Shirt Distribution Plan

The RSFH Gives! Campaign is an opportunity for us to come together to support Roper St. Francis and Trident United Way through a PTO or payroll donation. We are grateful for the support of our leadership each year in making this campaign a success. [Read more…]

What you need to know about gift cards

Roper St. Francis Healthcare recognizes that employee gifts are an effective way to recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and contributions.

However, the value of these items are generally considered as taxable “wages” and subject to the same reporting and withholding requirements as regular wages unless a specific exemption applies. Therefore, as outlined in policy 7500-03-21, RSFH restricts the use of taxable (nonexempt) gifts, awards, and prizes to only RSFH-approved recognition programs.

Gift cards and certificates are generally considered cash equivalents and therefore taxable compensation unless they are for a specific product or service with no specific dollar amount loaded on the card (even if the face of the card or certificate doesn’t show a specific dollar amount). Cash equivalent gift cards are taxable even if they are only for $1 (example: $10 gift card to Target). Cash equivalent gifts should be avoided. Only cards and certificates that are good for a specific product or service can be considered non-taxable. Some examples of items that would not be considered taxable include movie passes good for one free admission, a certificate for a half hour massage, a pass for a free admission to the aquarium, etc.

Please note that in all of the examples above, no specific dollar amount can be loaded on the card or displayed on the card/certificate. Generally, even tangible gift items (gift baskets, etc.) and certificates for specific goods or services are taxable if the value exceeds $100. Also, the frequency at which recognition awards and gifts can be given to an employee must be limited and tied to recognition for completion of specific tasks, a job well done, etc. These types of gifts should not be given routinely as a form of compensation, or the gifts (no matter how small) could be deemed taxable by the IRS.

If the employee recognition award/gift is considered a taxable gift, then the gift is also considered compensation, and can only be approved by HR. Accounts Payable will not reimburse for taxable gifts unless approved by HR.



LEM webinar for leaders

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Connect with Quint Studer

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CAHPS Summary Report Press Ganey Guide

CAHPS Summary Report Press Ganey Guide