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RSFH Talent Acquisition team visits Trident Technical College

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ConnectYourCare (CYC) is your 2021 HSA/FSA Administrator

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is excited to launch a new partnership with ConnectYourCare (CYC) to administer our teammates’ Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in 2021. We announced this change during Open Enrollment, and you should have received an email directly from ConnectYourCare recently. [Read more…]

Career Spotlight: Darrell Mitchell advances with RSFH

Career Spotlight recognizes teammates who have had the opportunity to change the trajectory of their career while working within our organization.   [Read more…]

RSFH Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Melanie Stith: RSFH will not tolerate social media construed as racist, discriminatory or contradicts our mission

Dear Teammates,

Over the last several weeks, Roper St. Francis Healthcare has shared with you our commitment in denouncing racism, advocating for social justice and remaining steadfast in living our mission of “healing ALL people with compassion, faith, and excellence. ”

Social media has become, now more than ever, a place to share thoughts and engage in discussion over current events. We acknowledge that opinions vary broadly, and we understand that our teammates may be grappling with their own feelings and emotions throughout this difficult time. We are finding more frequently that some content posted on social media by our teammates has been in direct contradiction to our mission statement and to the values of our organization, to which community members have been rightfully swift in bringing forth concerns. These concerns articulate their struggles in receiving care at an organization where some of our teammates openly espouse beliefs on social media that are contradictory to our mission and values.

Please hear this message: we will not tolerate teammate social media commentary that can be construed as racist, discriminatory or that contradicts our mission.

Every teammate is an ambassador for our organization. Our community, our patients, are listening to your words. Derogatory and discriminatory comments create mistrust in our community and patients question whether we will provide excellent care for all people.

We have updated our Social Media/Online Sharing Policy to more clearly reflect our expectation of teammates to support our organization’s mission, vision and values when engaging on social media platforms. Every teammate, leader and physician is expected to review this policy to understand our expectations and to adhere to these expectation.  Violations will be addressed swiftly.

Some teammates may believe this is a violation of their protections of free speech. The First Amendment applies protection of free speech from governmental retaliation or legal sanction; however, the First Amendment does not prohibit employers from taking action to address communication that is found to be contradictory to our mission and damaging to our relationships in the communities we serve. This is evidenced by the recent actions several SC employers have taken after employees made disparaging or discriminatory social media posts.

We are experiencing unprecedented stressors and emotions right now, and we understand that you may have visceral reactions to the news and to others’ comments. We encourage you to take a thoughtful pause before posting, sharing or commenting on social media and to think about the impact the post or your comments may have on your neighbors, your colleagues and our patients.

Our HR Employee Relations team is available for questions.


Melanie Stith

Chief Human Resrources Officer

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

HR hosts series of bite-sized leader development sessions

Until we can gather again in classrooms – we are taking leader development to the web!

The Human Resources Organizational Development team is excited to offer 6 WebLunch sessions in June and July! [Read more…]

PPE update: Teammates will be held accountable if they disregard unjustifiable risks, harm.

We want to remind you of our approach to ensuring accountability within our organization. The Teammate Accountability and Just Culture policy explains that the use of Just Culture provides an environment that improves the processes, structure and support for the reporting of errors and near misses. [Read more…]

Like mother, like daughter: Being an RN at RSFH runs in the family

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Teammate Engagement & Perception Survey will take place Aug. 26-Sept. 9. We encourage all teammates to take the survey, which this year also includes questions about our Culture of Safety. We ask all teammates to provide honest feedback, and we will use your input to make changes. During the next few weeks, we’re going to be sharing stories about “Why I came, Why I stayed.” Nearly 15 percent of new hires within the past five years were referred by a teammate, and about 25 percent of all teammates have been with RSFH five years or more. Share your story and a pic about who recruited you to RSFH or why you’ve stayed with RSFH. [Read more…]

Say “thanks” to your favorite HR teammate

We’re celebrating Health Care Human Resources Week and recognizing our HR professionals for their important role. [Read more…]