Creating an attitude for gratitude

Gratitude is a practice of appreciating others. [Read more…]

UKG Dimensions successfully launched at midnight Saturday

RSFH successfully went live with UKG Dimensions at midnight on Saturday night. Yay! All punches and timekeeping will now be maintained this platform. All time clocks should be fully functional. 

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What’s happening with timeclocks?!

In preparation for our UKG Dimensions go-live, we are updating timeclocks to function within the new system. [Read more…]

Andrea Clements delivers keynote address at Carolina Youth Development Center benefit

Andrea Clements, senior human resources business partner for RSFH and a strong advocate for foster children, delivered the keynote address Thursday during a benefit to raise money for the Carolina Youth Development Center. [Read more…]



NEW – Virtual Support Sessions


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NEW – Meal Break_Attestation

FAQs mobile punching


Recording: Manager Playbook Review

Timekeeping, Basic Scheduling & Attendance Part 1 – PowerPoint

Timekeeping, Basic Scheduling & Attendance – Part 1 Video

Timekeeping, Basic Scheduling & Attendance Part 2 – PowerPoint

Timekeeping, Basic Scheduling & Attendance – Part 2 Video

Advanced Scheduler Extended Training – Video


Payrule Guide

NEW – Dept Crosswalk Infor to Workday Guide

Manager Playbook Guide



Workload Coverage Counts

The Staffing Dashboard

The Schedule Generator

SMS Shift Fill

Reviewing & Updating Teammate Availability


NEW – Requesting to Self-Schedule

On-Call Schedules

Dimensions Self-Service

Clearing Caches in Chrome

Shift Templates

Requesting Time Off

Infographic_The Time Clock

Logging into UKG Workforce Dimensions


NEW – Stipend Paycode Exempt

Managing Teammate Requests

NEW – Delegates

Creating Outlook Rules

Auditing Schedules & Timecards

Creating Hyperfind Queries


Creating Hyperfind Queries

Nursing Supervisor Secondary Mgr Role

New Hire PTO Request

Recording Stipends in UKG


NEW – Dataviews & Reports

NEW – Scheduling Basics

Adding Shifts & Pay Codes to the Schedule

Removing Preloaded Schedules

Schedule Patters

The Quick Action Toolbar

Advanced Scheduler Job Aid: Adding Shifts and Pay Codes to the Schedule


SMS Shift Fill FAQ

Punching in Dimensions

Approving your Timecard

Updating Your Availability

Submitting Corrections for Manager Approval


Approving Time Off

Pending Timecard Changes

Timekeeping Basics


Adding Historical Infractions

Manager and Timekeeper Attendance Views and Notifications

Forgiving Past Infractions

Tracking Attendance on the Schedule and Timecard

Viewing Attendance Balances


What’s happening with timeclocks?!

UKG successfully launched

How to sign up for UKG training

Why are we implementing UKG?

Timing around UKG Go-Live

Advanced Scheduler Dept List – Phase 1 and 2

How to get credit for completing UKG training modules

UKG Flyer

What you need to know about 2021 evaluations and the new process

HR is kicking off 2022 by making staff evaluations available starting today, Jan. 4. [Read more…]

Recruiting RNs at Charleston Southern University

[Read more…]

The Hartford’s Critical Illness benefit includes $75 Health Screening Benefit for COVID testing

As you consider your 2022 RSFH benefits during Open Enrollment, we wanted to make sure you were aware that the Hartford’s Critical Illness coverage includes a $75 Health Screening Benefit per covered person per calendar year. [Read more…]

Benefits Spotlight: Benefits that help you protect what matters most

Are you looking for benefits that can protect your family, assets and income? Today we’re showcasing benefits that can help you protect what matters most to you.   [Read more…]

HR Benefits Spotlight: Benefits that help you plan for your future

Planning for the future can be a daunting task for all of us. That’s why we’re focusing today’s helpful tips on benefits that can help you prepare and save for the future. [Read more…]