Tips for Epic training at RSF Office Park

Many teammates will be traveling to the Roper St. Francis Office Park for the first time, so we wanted to offer a few tips. [Read more…]

Blessing for Epic training

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Quicker log on with Epic

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Take this Epic survey by April 29

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Epic Ambulatory Training signup is happening now

Epic Ambulatory training begins May 23 and classes for the Go- Live training event are currently posted in NetLearning for sign up.

Available courses are listed in the Ambulatory Course Catalog. [Read more…]

Everything you need to know about replacing Avreo as we convert to Epic

Avreo, our third-party PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System), will be replaced as part of our conversion to Epic, our new electronic medical record. [Read more…]

700 new ambulatory workstations will improve patient care, make your job easier

One integral part of modernizing our technology and converting to Epic taking place right now is the addition of workstations in 700 Roper St. Francis Physician Partners rooms. [Read more…]

Epic Go-Live dates to be placed on calendars

So teammates and physicians remember our two epically-important Epic Go-Live dates, Corporate Communications soon will be placing Outlook reminders on the calendars of teammates and physicians. [Read more…]

Epic training registration for ambulatory medical staff and teammates begins TODAY

Epic training registration for ambulatory medical staff and teammates begins TODAY in NetLearning. [Read more…]

IT is recruiting site specialists for Epic go-live

What’s a site specialist do exactly?

Over the next several months, these teammates will be keenly focused on executing the massive training efforts in advance of the Ambulatory and Acute go-lives. [Read more…]