Letter of Gratitude: healing during the final days

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from the daughter of a patient just after he passed away.

The Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital team had a profound impact on this family. Even the way our nurses entered the patient’s room made a difference; those nurses exuded calm and kindness, the daughter wrote to me.

“They would always announce themselves and then walk over to his bed and ask him ‘Is it OK if I take your vitals?’ They would wait for him to answer ‘yes,’ and then request for him to give them his right arm. That small gesture made him feel as though he was a human being with feeling. I’ve been in other facilities and have seen nurses come in and announce themselves and say ‘I’m going to take your vitals now’ as a statement.”

The daughter went on to compliment our EVS teammates for keeping his room clean, and our Food and Nutrition workers for pureeing his meal and bringing parfait or ice cream to his bed.

The patient died in hospice care just two days after his time at RSF Berkeley Hospital.

We know that “healing” comes in many forms, in particular during final days. In this instance, healing meant comfort, respect and validation of a life well lived.

The care we delivered represents the very definition of compassion — proof of what it means to live out our mission.

Thank you to the RSF Berkeley Hospital team, and every single teammate who makes a difference in the lives of our patients and their loved ones. Your work means so much.


Jeffrey P. DiLisi, MD, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Roper St. Francis Healthcare

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