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All Teammates and Physicians in Roper St. Francis Physician Partners

Friday, Sept. 2: Appointment notification + messaging improvements

Tuesday, Aug. 30: Fax relief is in sight

Monday, Aug. 22: Meet your Epic support

Friday, Aug. 19: Reasons why some are loving Epic

Wednesday, Aug. 17: Epic updates for RSFPP

Friday, Aug. 11: Ten days with Epic

Wednesday, Aug. 10: Epic: Progress on referrals & puppy pics

Tuesday, Aug. 9: Epic update for RSFPP

Friday, Aug. 5: Epic: Today’s updates + first week recap 

Thursday, Aug. 4: Epic: Highlights, challenges and resources

Wednesday, Aug. 3: One simple change to make Epic easier to use

Tuesday, Aug. 2: The fastest way to get help with Epic

Monday, Aug. 1: First day ✔️

Monday, Aug. 1: Let’s do this!

July 29: Where to go for help Monday

July 28: Today’s Top Tips for RSFPP

July 27: Ready, Set, Log in!

July 26: MyChart materials coming soon

July 25: What to expect this week as we move away from ECW

July 21: What historic information is in Epic on Aug. 1

Doctors and APPs in Roper St. Francis Physician Partners

Sept. 1: Who is my Epic site specialist?

Aug. 18: For providers: Locking eCW notes

Aug. 9: eCW access extended to lock notes

Aug. 5: HealtheIntent

Aug. 5: Finding eCW notes in Epic

July 27: Build your preference list

July 25: Important checklist for doctors & APPs

July 22: Recommended personalization checklist before Epic Go-Live

RSFH Medical Staff (affiliated physicians)

July 27: Referrals: Use Direct Secure Messaging for MIPS credit starting Aug. 1

July 25: EpicCare Link: Read-only access & referrals

All RSFH Teammates and Physicians

July 27: Leaders deliver unanimous support for Epic launch

July 26: Get to know MyChart, our new patient portal

July 21: What’s available in Epic at Go Live on Aug. 1

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