Letter of Gratitude: Cardiac patient grateful for “speed and efficiency” and outstanding care

Today’s edition of Letters of Gratitude comes from a grateful patient who suffered a heart attack and wanted me to know he received “outstanding service and care” at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital and Roper Hospital.

The patient specifically called out Dr. James Smith and Physician Assistant K.J. Byrd and all the nurses “who took such great care of me during my stent procedure and recovery.”

Dr. James Smith

K.J. Byrd

“I was awake during the procedures and was amazed to witness the speed and efficiency of the team’s communication and coordination during the process. All during which, Dr. Smith and the staff made sure to keep me informed and comfortable in terms of what they were doing and seeing.

I cannot thank them enough! I am sure you know it — you have a fantastic team under your supervision.”

The patient is recovering and has already begun cardiac rehab at RSF MPH, “which is also proving to be outstanding.”

This letter is a great reminder of the fear and uncertainty patients feel when undergoing a traumatic health event and procedure. Dr. Smith and K.J., along with the entire staff, were calm, transparent and reassuring throughout this patient’s care. I want to thank everyone involved for their compassion and excellence.

Have a great day.


Jeffrey P. DiLisi, MD, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Roper St. Francis Healthcare


  1. Kathryn Prouse says:

    Both KJ and Dr. Smith are part of the stellar cardiac physicians and PA’s that serve RSFH patients. As an RN who had the privilege to work along side them for years, this honor comes as no surprise. It is well earned.

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