Inside the ICU with Dr. Kent Stock

Frontline healthcare providers live in two worlds. Outside of our facilities’ walls, nearly everything appears to be normal. Inside, we are in the fight of our lives alongside record numbers of our neighbors, family and friends who are struggling to live.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all healthcare and those who have lost loved ones!

  2. Miriam Washington says:

    Thank you Dr. Stock and all of our frontline providers for all that you do…may God continue to cover and bless you all!

  3. The LOVE and compassion I just witnessed….powerful! God knew you would be a great Dr. I just teared up watching this video.

  4. Thank you Dr. Stock. A very powerful message to all of us. You put into words what our hospital system is all about. Bless you for sharing your true self with us.

  5. Anthony Jackson says:

    This why I love this system the way that I do. Our physicians, like Dr. Stock, and frontline teammates give their all everyday, selflessly to take care of our community. This is what caring looks like. Thank you Dr. Stock and to all of our frontline teammates and leaders across “our” organization for your sacrifices during this time to care of our patients, families and each other.

  6. Michael Andaya says:

    For all health care workers, thank you for giving your all. Words can’t express our gratitude for your work and dedication. And thank you again for being courageous superheroes on the frontlines. We are so proud of you!

  7. Pauline Frampton says:

    Thank you Dr. Stock. You are a hero. God bless you and all the staff. This is such a trying time in healthcare ❤️

  8. Maria Dzierzko-Trojanowska says:

    Dr. Stock,
    Thank you very much for sharing with us. I watched this video with my daughter, a medical student, great lesson in compassion and resilience. I am going to share your emotional video with my unvaccinated patients to convince them to get the vaccine.
    You are truly a hero.

  9. Dr. Stock,
    Thank you for sharing with us! Your words were thoughtful, strong, relevant and so, so important for us to hear. You are a true leader and RSF is blessed to have YOU!

  10. Doreen Scott says:

    Dr. Stock,
    Thank you for sharing your Heart with All of us! We appreciate people like you who put yourself on the line for people like myself on a daily basis. You are indeed a HERO in my eyes. Thank you for caring so much and giving everything you have in you. GOD BLESS!

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