RSF Berkeley Hospital Blessing Box

Blessing Box: Berkeley style!

Everything starts with a thought, a dream or a prayer.

We are a hospital of the community, therefore, it was only right to come up with what else our community may need.

John Goff diligently worked to create this impressive creation, down to the plexiglass, shingles and screened in air holes.

Claire Hudson illustrated a 2’ x 2’ azalea free hand. She used engineering as a makeshift art studio and did not hesitate to jump on board, leaving a bright impression.

Thanks to Chaplain David for the blessing.

The Blessing Box includes non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, and anything else that may be considered a “blessing” to someone in need. There are many people, including teammates, in need who may be too uncomfortable to ask for assistance. These items can be anonymously taken and anonymously donated by any member of our community, as well as our teammates.



  1. Sara Ann Conlon Nevin says:

    This is the most wonderful representation of a beautiful hospital. The workers who designed and implemented this concept from beginning to end are to be admired. We are proud of you here in Vermont – keep up your very special work to make things better!!

    Sara Conlon Nevin, Northfield, VT

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