Acts of Kindness second quarter winners announced

The Acts of Kindness committee is pleased to announce the winners of the Quarterly Acts of Kindness awards for the second quarter of 2021.

These teammates make us proud to work with them. These winners are usually recognized in facility manager meetings but at this time, certificates will be forwarded to chief administrative officers/managers for presentation.

Thank you as well to the nominators who took the time to note and recognize these extraordinary acts.

– Acts of Kindness Committee

Shaneque Alexander, 7 HVT West Buxton – Roper Hospital, Nominated by Lindsey Atkins.
Our floor recently provided care for a surgical patient much younger than our average population. He was a 19 year old who found comfort in action figures and comics. He brought many with him to the hospital to get him though his pretty extensive surgery. When I acquired him after following Shaneque’s care, he informed me that she was going to bring him a surprise when she came back the following evening. His face lit up with excitement! We got through the day together and Shaneque came back that evening. When she walked in I noticed she was toting a huge target bag. Inside was full of action figures brought specially for him! I couldn’t wait to follow her in and see the excitement on his face. It was more that I could have imagined. He was so excited and even asked for a hug! I think this is something he Shaneque will truly remember through a painful, life-changing experience. I am so grateful I was able to witness her kindness!

Charles Barnett, Security-Allied Berkeley, Nominated by Kimberly Barrineau.
Office Barnett escorted a patient to the ICU from the ED. Once in the ICU the patient was scared and lashed out at staff, both verbally and physically. Officer Barnett assisted staff in de-escalating the patient. He waited at her bedside until the MD arrived, and continued to provide his support during the MD’s visit. Once the patient was stable, he checked on staff to make sure everyone was ok before he left. Roughly an hour later, Officer Barnett returned to the unit with a get well card, a small stuffed animal and some candy for the patient. We were so moved by this Act of Kindness and the officer’s response was “Well, I hope it makes her feel better.” The patient was touched by this small gesture – so much that she kept the stuffed animal on her overbed table until she was discharged. I was so impressed with Officer Barnett’s ability to remain calm during this stressful situation. In addition, it makes me proud to work with someone who genuinely cares for patients and staff – not matter what. Thank you Officer Barnett!!!

Glenn Cook, Geer Transition Clinic, Nominated by Amanda Biondi. 
Glenn is our Community Paramedic. He goes out in the community and helps patients who may not receive the care they need otherwise. Last year Glenn began farming chickens, and vegetables. Glenn weekly brings in dozens and dozens of eggs. Not only are we able to provide patients who may be food insecure with fresh eggs, he often has produce as well. Today we have given out 6 dozen farm fresh eggs to patients at the Greer Transitions Clinic (our mission based clinic for the underserved). Glenn also keeps eggs and other farm fresh items with him in his paramedicine truck and will often identify patients in need on his home visits. He always makes sure it is ok with the providers before giving. His generous heart does not go unnoticed and our patients are grateful for the eggs and care. One patient told me today she was going to back a big cake with his farm fresh eggs! This is just another example of our teammates going above and beyond to care for our patients and community.

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