Five questions to prepare for the Joint Commission

As part of Joint Commission preparedness for the hospitals, we will be sharing five questions and answers weekly.

What department is responsible for ensuring that the fire alarm system and the fire sprinkler system is functional?

The engineering department at each hospital is responsible for the systems.

What are Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSMs)?

ILSMs are actions taken to ensure the safety of building occupants when a feature of a life safety system (fire alarm, sprinkler, egress, smoke barrier, etc) is compromised during construction, renovation, maintenance or repairs.

Where is your horizontal evacuation barrier location?

This is different for each department. Look down your hallways to spot the orange “Horizontal Evacuation Barrier” sign above some double doors. When evacuating your department, be sure to go through the barrier doors.

If instructed to evacuate vertically, where do you go?

If the fire response team leader instructs vertical evacuation, use the nearest stairwell.

Can items be stored inside of stairwells?

Fire code prohibits anything from being stored inside of a stairwell, even temporarily, because the storage could impede evacuation procedures.

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