Five questions to prepare for the Joint Commission

As part of Joint Commission preparedness for the hospitals, we will be sharing five questions and answers weekly.

What is the role of students, volunteers and other non-employed persons during a code red?

To follow the directions of staff.

In the hospitals, what departments make up the fire response team?

Other than the department members at the scene of the code red, RT, Nursing Supervisors, EVS, Engineering, Escort, Security and Safety are members of the fire response team.

When the fire alarm is activated and you are not in the department where the code red is occurring, what should you do?

Stay where you are so that the fire and smoke barrier doors can do their job in containing the event. DO NOT use elevators, stairs or go through closed double doors unless you are part of the fire response team.

If I am NOT part of the fire response team can I still respond to help or to see what is going on?

In this case, less is best! Fire response team members have pre-assigned duties. Others responding to the scene may interfere with these duties and cause the scene to be too chaotic.

During a hospital code red, who makes the determinization if the area should be evacuated?

The fire response team leader will assess the well-being of those at the fire scene and will determine if evacuation is needed.

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