Five questions to prepare for the Joint Commission

As part of Joint Commission preparedness for the hospitals, we will be sharing five questions and answers weekly.

What should you do if you find battery-operated medical equipment sitting unplugged?

Plug the equipment in to charge to assure proper battery charge in the event of a power failure.

Can fluids be sent in the tube system?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. There are prohibited items and there are requirements for labeling and securing items. Consult the policy “Computerized Tube System”.

What is the emergency code for fire, smoke or sparking?

Code Red.

Who can activate the facility fire alarm system by pulling a pull station?

Any one discovering the fire, smoke or sparking can activate the fire alarm pull station.

Where can you find a fire alarm pull station (if your building has a fire alarm system)?

Pull stations are located at each exit and in the hospitals, pull stations are near or in each nurses station.


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