Five questions to prepare for the Joint Commission

As part of Joint Commission preparedness for the hospitals, we will be sharing five questions and answers weekly.

What color outlet should crash carts be plugged in to?

Crash carts should be plugged in to red (emergency) outlets.

Can patients bring in personal electrical equipment?

Yes, they can bring in their own equipment, as allowed by infection prevention and nursing policies.

What action should you take when a patient brings in their own personal electrical equipment?

The nurse admitting the patient must perform a visual electrical safety check of the equipment and associated cords. If anything appears unsafe, the patient should be told that the equipment is not allowed in the hospital.

Are extension cords allowed at RSFH?

No, they are not allowed. If you have an electrical need, please contact engineering so an electrical needs assessment can be performed. Engineering will assure that appropriate power sources are provided. In some instances, engineering may issue a temporary extension cord with the approval of the Safety Officer.

Who should you call when there is a damage to walls, floors, ceilings, toilets, sinks, med gas, etc?

Engineering. Do not call engineering for medical equipment.

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