Meg Higbie is RSF MPH Employee of the Quarter

Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital has recognized Meg Higbie as its Teammate of the Quarter.

Meg’s nomination read as follows:

“In my opinion, the Employee of the Quarter is my co-worker RRT nurse Meg Higbie. Meg exemplifies many outstanding and commendable qualities that align here with our mission at RSF Mount Pleasant Hospital. She has a positive way of making a stressful situation more calming. She displays humor and compassion that helps make the situation bearable. When an emergent situation arrives, she is there to help you and does everything possible to keep your patient safe. She has excellent clinical judgement and just as important she is kind and empathetic.  When Meg is working most nurses including myself, feel very appreciative for all her help in ensuring our patients have the best outcome and making our workflow easier.”

Meg received a certificate of recognition and a special employee parking pass.

Congratulations, Meg. Thanks for all you do!

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