Five questions to prepare for The Joint Commission

As part of Joint Commission preparedness for the hospitals, we will be sharing five questions and answers to prepare.

As a staff member, should you approach persons smoking / using tobacco products on RSFH property?

Yes, you should approach persons using tobacco products and kindly remind them of the policy.

Are there restrictions on purchasing furnishings and equipment for use at RSFH?

Yes, all purchases are to be through the RSFH purchasing department so that applicable regulations can be followed. It is not OK to purchase items at retail stores or over the internet.

If there are unsafe conditions in your work area, in the building or on RSFH grounds, who should you call?

Report all unsafe conditions to your leader and then to the engineering department (hospitals) or property management (non-hospitals).

What is the emergency code for an individual-out-of-control?

Code Yellow

How do you know if the medical equipment if your department is current with its required inspections?

Medical equipment requiring preventative maintenance and inspection has a dated sticker placed by Biomed. Do not use equipment that has an expired sticker – tag it out of service and call Biomed.

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