COVID-19 by the numbers for Feb. 23

RSFH has tested and confirmed that 21 more patients since Monday have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing our total to 11,553 since the beginning of the pandemic.

A total of 34 inpatients with COVID-19 are being cared for in three of our hospitals, and COVID-19 patients comprise 9 percent of all inpatients. Four of our COVID-19 inpatients are on a ventilator, and nine are in an ICU. Twenty-two COVID-19 patients are being cared for by our home health or hospice teams.

Our highest inpatient census of COVID-19 patients was on July 14 with 156 patients. The highest seven-day average of positive daily tests was on July 3 at 26 percent; our current seven-day average is 7 percent while our 14-day average is 8 percent. We’re averaging 27.7new cases per day during the past seven days.

Our overall positive rate since we started COVID-19 testing is 11.9 percent. We’ve conducted 97,462 tests and have 453 tests pending.

We’ve administered 150 percent of our first doses of COVID-19 vaccine (or 24,218 doses) as well as 86 percent of our second doses, or a total of 12,856 doses.

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