COVID-19 by the numbers for Feb. 22

RSFH has tested and confirmed that 123 more patients since Wednesday have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing our total to 11,532 since the beginning of the pandemic.

A total of 36 inpatients with COVID-19 are being cared for in three of our hospitals, and COVID-19 patients comprise 12 percent of all inpatients. Five of our COVID-19 inpatients are on a ventilator, and nine are in an ICU. Twenty-four COVID-19 patients are being cared for by our home health or hospice teams.

Our highest inpatient census of COVID-19 patients was on July 14 with 156 patients. The highest seven-day average of positive daily tests was on July 3 at 26 percent; our current seven-day average is 7.5 percent while our 14-day average is 8.4 percent. We’re averaging 30 new cases per day during the past seven days.

Our overall positive rate since we started COVID-19 testing is 11.9 percent. We’ve conducted 97,117 tests and have 461 tests pending.

Of those testing positive in the past seven days:
– 50 percent were under 49 years old
– 18 percent were 50-59 years old
– 16 percent were 60-69 years old
– 10 percent were 70-79 years old
– 6 percent were older than 80

Forty-seven percent of those testing positive in the past week were white, 39 percent were Black, 3 percent were Latino and 11 percent were other. The largest number of new cases came from Summerville with 35, followed by Charleston and Mount Pleasant with 23..

There have been 27,882,557 cases nationally with a total of 496,112 deaths, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. South Carolina has had 436,161 confirmed cases and 7,409 deaths.

In terms of vaccinations, Roper St. Francis has administered 150 percent of the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine (or a total of 24,218 vaccinations) and 86 percent of the 14,000 second doses of vaccine it has received.

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