President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey DiLisi: We’re investing in you in 2021 with raises

Dear teammates,

You’ve demonstrated exceptional bravery, dedication and resilience, all of which have enabled Roper St. Francis Healthcare to exceed expectations again and again.

We are pleased to share that we will be giving raises in recognition of your heroic efforts. Our senior leadership has approved a $10 million investment through the 2021 merit cycle. Your leaders soon will be working on the details and should be able to share more information by March 5. The increases will be effective in April 16 paychecks.

We are indebted to you for overcoming countless challenges and positioning us as the Lowcountry’s leading healthcare system for COVID-19 care. Although much has changed in healthcare since the pandemic started, the one constant has been you. You’ve showed up day after day and lived our mission of “healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence.”

We’ve done our best to champion you. When times were especially hard and other healthcare systems laid off workers last year, our priority was you. With the help of the Medical Society of South Carolina, the Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation, the RSF Foundation, leaders and physicians, we were able to support you financially by investing more than $6 million in 12 weeks of COVID Wage Continuation pay.

We have an amazing team, and we’ve been recognized nationally for it. We were honored as one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in 2020, ranking in the top 50 health systems nationwide. We also ranked in the 93rd percentile nationally for our engagement, which is a measurement of your loyalty to RSFH.

This is our second year to rank in the top 10 percent of healthcare organizations across the country, and to do so during one of the most difficult years ever was especially humbling.

We’ve accomplished all of this together while maintaining our focus on quality. Other hospitals have sent us their COVID-19 patients because they’ve trusted we would provide extraordinary care. Our mortality rates for COVID-19 beat the national average, all because of you.

Thank you for embracing this hard work in 2020. This work has neither relented nor eased since March, and neither has your commitment to our patients. We had no idea where 2020 would lead, and you helped us find our way.

Best regards,

Jeffrey P. DiLisi, M.D., M.B.A.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Roper St. Francis Healthcare


  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Thank you Mr. DiLisi! If ever there was a time our teams “need” a raise it is now. Welcome to Roper!

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    This is a wonderful blessing. Thank you so much..

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    Very Grateful for RSFH and how they look out for their Team mates!

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