Compliance & Ethics Week: Social media

In recognition of Compliance & Ethics Week, Corporate Compliance poses this hypothetical scenario.  Happy Compliance & Ethics Week from your colleagues in Corporate Compliance!Q:  You happen to be surfing a social website and you come across a negative comment about RSFH that you believe is false. You want to respond and set the record straight. What should you do?

A:  Unless you are authorized to speak on behalf of RSFH, you should not respond. However, you should note the item and report it to the RSFH Marketing Department and/or Corporate Compliance. Teammates’ use of social media can pose risks to Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s confidential and proprietary information, brand identity, integrity, reputation, and has the potential to expose RSFH to discrimination and harassment claims.

For further guidance you can find a copy of our Code of Conduct, along with links to compliance and HR policies, in the Compliance References section of the Corporate Compliance page on CareLine.

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