Shelley Geiman wins first Daisy Award at RSF Berkeley Hospital

Shelley Geiman is the first Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital nurse to earn a Daisy Award.

Daisy Awards are given to nurses in more than 3,000 healthcare facilities and nursing schools across the world to honor extraordinary nursing. Winners are selected on six criteria including impact on patient care, being an outstanding role model, exemplifying the core values of Roper St. Francis Healthcare, excellent mentoring skills, contributions to the unit and being an excellent team player.

Her nomination was written by Kristin Storey and read:

On May 9, we had a gentleman arrive in cardiac arrest. Resuscitation efforts were continued but ultimately unsuccessful.

Shelley was one of the nurses involved with the patient. While we were unable to save the patient, this nomination is for her kindness and compassion with the family.

The patient’s wife arrived at the hospital shortly after the patient was pronounced. Shelley embodied our mission of healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence by ensuring the wife was tended to.

Once everything was done, the wife was preparing to go home. Shelley was leaving work around the same time and offered to drive the wife home as she was still very distraught from the unexpected loss of her husband.

Shelley stayed with the wife until her daughter was able to arrive at their home. This is a prime example of going beyond her scope as a bedside nurse and is an incredible display of empathy with regard to the family. The family member trusted Shelley in large part due to the compassion she was shown.

Shelley is a leader in the department as a charge nurse and acts as a mentor to several of the newer nurses. She is extremely passionate regarding providing the best care for patients but also understands that at RSFH our care extends beyond the patient, as displayed by this incredible act of kindness.

Congratulations, Shelley!


  1. I about cried when reading this sorry. Shelley, this is an absolute extraordinary job that you’ve done and I salute your for your incredible service to Roper patients and the like.
    Thank you for all that you do and God’s richest blessings over your life!
    Dawn Jefferson, CSR

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