Compliance & Ethics Week:  Clock me out

In recognition of Compliance & Ethics Week, Corporate Compliance poses this hypothetical scenario.  Happy Compliance & Ethics Week from your colleagues in Corporate Compliance!

 Q:  A coworker tells you she needs to leave work a few minutes early to catch her son’s high school game. She asks if you could clock her out when you leave at the end of the shift.  What should you do?

A:  Be completely honest with her explaining not only are you uncomfortable with her request to falsify her time card and risk both of you getting fired, but if she needs to leave early she should do so with the supervisor’s knowledge and approval.  It’s never right to lie regardless of the circumstances.

For further guidance you can find a copy of our Code of Conduct, along with links to compliance and HR policies, in the Compliance References section of the Corporate Compliance page on CareLine.

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