RSFH ranked in Top 50 of Modern Healthcare’s 2020 Best Places to Work

Following strong feedback on how our patients and treatments are cared for and treated, Modern Healthcare selected Roper St. Francis Healthcare in the Top 50 of its nationwide 2020 Best Places to Work.

“This honor is a testament to our culture of care and compassion,” said Melanie Stith, vice president & chief Human Resources officer. “Rather than furlough teammates during the pandemic like many other healthcare systems across the country, we leaned in to find creative ways to take care of our own.

“At Roper St Francis, we are a family and it shines through in the way our teammates lift each other up! This award exemplifies that spirit.”

The Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work survey included general teammates engagement questions, as well as a special COVID section. Teammates who were contacted and responded said that RSFH has:

  • responded to COVID-19 in a responsible manner (84 percent strongly agree, an 9 percent somewhat agree).
  • taken action in a way that demonstrates care for its employees’ well-being (81 percent strongly agree and 10 percent somewhat agree).
  • worked to preserve jobs (86% strongly agree and 9 percent somewhat agree).

“I feel overwhelmed by ALL that RSFH, Medical Society, and RSFH Foundation have done to protect me and to be sure that I received a paycheck,” one teammate wrote. “I do not know of ANY other health system in Charleston that has stepped up for teammates like this. There is nothing else they could possibly do. I am so, so, thankful.”

RSFH was ranked No. 49, ahead of other high-performing health systems such as the Cleveland Clinic (No. 62) and Orlando Health (No. 50), and is one of just three companies in South Carolina to be named to the list of 150 organizations across the country.

This award program identifies and recognizes outstanding employers in the healthcare industry nationwide. To celebrate this outstanding achievement, signs have been installed at our four hospitals and RSF Office Park.

“It has been an especially trying year for the world, and healthcare in particular as COVID-19 ravages our communities and your workplaces,” said Aurora Aguilar, Modern Healthcare’s editor. “But the organizations recognized on this year’s list rose to the top and continued to be a source of strength for their teammates. They have seen their colleagues fall ill to the virus and struggled with the economic impact of the pandemic. The loyalty and trust between employers and their workers is being put to the test now more than ever. We congratulate the Best Places to Work in Healthcare for continuing to serve their workforce and communities during such an unprecedented time.”

The 2020 Best Places to Work honorees responded to their employees’ concerns by allowing some to work from home indefinitely, allowing flexibility and keeping workers safe while saving costs.



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