RSFH opts not to participate in payroll tax deferral

You may have recently seen news headlines about a federal executive order that allows employers the option to delay the withholding and payment of the employee portion of social security taxes for employees below a certain income threshold.

RSFH has reviewed the order and related guidance from the government, which makes clear that there are no reduction in taxes, only a delay on when taxes are permitted to be withheld and paid.

Because of this, RSFH has decided to continue withholding Social Security taxes as usual in order to avoid having to deduct an increased amount of Social Security taxes from teammates in the first third of 2021.

RSFH will continue to monitor developments on this issue and will notify you if this decision changes.


  1. STACI WARE says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Thank you. Most staff agree with your decision.

  3. Yolanda June says:

    Thank you

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