Message from Pennie Peralta: Enhancing our triad leadership model

Dear teammates,

Before the pandemic and earlier this year, our Senior Leadership team planned to institute some organizational changes to enhance our triad leadership model for each of our hospitals.

We launched the triad leadership model two years ago to boost ownership and outcomes at each of our facilities. The triad of a chief administrative officer (CAO), chief nursing officer (CNO) and chief physician officer (CPO) at each of our hospitals has authority and influence over day-to-day operations.

When COVID-19 hit, we put those organizational changes on hold and shifted our focus to providing care during an unprecedented time.

As we have progressed in understanding COVID-19 and how we can safely operate during a pandemic, the time is right to move forward with the previously planned changes.

I will be transitioning into the RSFH system CNO role full time. Tavia Buck, an exceptional leader who has served as both CNO and CAO at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital for the past few years, will move into the CNO role at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

We are interviewing for a CNO and a CAO for RSF Mount Pleasant Hospital, and we hope to have those positions filled soon. Tavia will transition to BSSF after these roles are filled.

Tavia has earned the respect and admiration of the MPH team by being a hands-on, transparent and fully present leader. I feel certain she’ll do the same at BSSF. Tavia cares deeply about MPH and its future, so separating the CNO from the CAO role at MPH is intended to position the hospital for continued growth and campus development. Tavia’s move to BSSF provides her with a professional growth opportunity within our system, which is what we want for all our super stars aiming to expand their responsibilities.

I’ve spent more than four decades at BSSF, and it’s difficult to put into words how much love and admiration I have for all the people within these walls. Like Tavia, though, I know this change will allow progress for our system, as it elevates the emphasis on nursing and hopefully facilitates the achievement of our strategic goals.

We are excited to have these leadership teams in place. I’m confident these enhancements will move RSFH forward as an exceptional place both to work and to provide care.


Pennie Peralta

Vice President of Nursing

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

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