Wellness Works announces exciting program changes for 2019

MARCH 12, 2019 UPDATE: We’ve released details of how to become Qualified on our new Wellness Works website. You can register and learn how to become Qualified by clicking here.

ORIGINAL POST: We care about your mental, physical, financial and spiritual well-being, and that’s why we’re expanding our Wellness Works program in 2019 to be more holistic and to offer more opportunities for engaging in wellness activities.

Wellness Works is a voluntary program, but teammates who have health insurance through RSFH and are considered Qualified will earn lower rates on their medical plan premiums in 2020.

Previously, we based whether you were Qualified on achieving four goals related to your physical health – your blood pressure, BMI, HgbA1c and cholesterol. This year, we’re enhancing the program so that it’s not focused solely on those biometric goals. We will be offering a multitude of wellness opportunities for you to participate in and become Qualified. Our goal is to increase the percentage of teammates who become Qualified and help more teammates lead healthier lives.

We will be sharing more details in March, but here’s what you need to know now about becoming Qualified by the Sept. 5 deadline:

  1. Teammates and their spouses/domestic partners/common law spouses who are on a RSFH medical plan are required to complete an annual wellness exam between Jan. 1-Sept. 5, but lab work no longer is required. This year, you will NOT be able to go to RSF Express Care for your annual wellness exam, so please find a primary care provider or gynecologist as soon as possible. Online scheduling is available now, so please take advantage and do not wait until the deadline to try and schedule an appointment. If you need assistance identifying a primary care provider, please call our Contact Center at (843) 402-2273. A wellness exam by Sept. 5 is a requirement to become Qualified.
  2. We plan to unveil a new Wellness Works website in March, and all teammates will be asked to complete a Personal Health Assessment on that site before Sept. 5. Taking the Personal Health Assessment is required to become Qualified.
  3. Teammates will be asked to participate in select wellness activities, and those will be tracked on our new Wellness Works website. We will share more details about this in March, but we plan to offer a range of activities to choose from that include: achieving a normal weight BMI; doing specific preventative screenings such as mammograms; having an annual dental cleaning; participating in certain weight management programs; or volunteering in the community. Spouses/domestic partners/common law spouses do not have to participate in these activities for teammates to be considered Qualified, but teammates must participate in some of the select activities by Sept. 5 to become Qualified.

In summary, those are the three key areas teammates must complete to be considered Qualified in 2019.

We have more details about each of those areas below.

  1. Complete an annual Wellness exam to be eligible to be Qualified

To participate in Wellness Works, you and your spouse/domestic partner/common law spouse, if applicable, must schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or gynecologist for a routine exam.

The physician must code the visit as Z00.00 (PCP) or Z01.419 (GYN) as the primary office diagnostic code. The exam can be completed anytime in 2019 before the deadline of Sep. 5. Wellness exams performed by a physician in the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance will be covered at 100 percent under an RSFH medical plan, but teammates may incur additional charges if the provider addresses issues outside of a normal wellness exam, such as refilling chronic medications or diagnosing high blood pressure.

If your provider is not part of the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance, print out the Affiliate Provider Wellness Report, which can be found here. Bring the form to your primary care provider or gynecologist visit to fill out, and email the completed form to wellnessworksteam@rsfh.com so it can be uploaded to the Wellness Works website.

You are responsible for ensuring that information is transmitted to the Wellness Works team and posted online. You should confirm the data is on the site and are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the information is transmitted to the Wellness Works site by your physician.

New hires or rehires in 2019 do not have to participate to be considered Qualified.

If your spouse/domestic partner/common law spouse fails to complete an annual wellness exam, you will NOT be considered Qualified for 2020 and will pay higher rates in 2020. Any spouse or domestic partner who was covered by a RSFH medical plan as of Jan. 1, 2019 needs to participate. If your spouse came on to a Roper St. Francis Healthcare medical plan in 2019 because of a Qualifying Life Event, he/she does not need to participate.

To ensure you and your spouse/domestic partner/common law spouse are able to see a primary care physician by the Sept. 5 deadline, you are encouraged to follow the schedule below:

  • Last names that begin with A-F: February through April
  • Last names that begin with G-O: May through June
  • Last names that begin with P-Z: July through August

For 2019, there is no required lab work as part of the Wellness Works program. Some primary care physicians still might recommend or order lab work for certain teammates based on their age or medical history, so please check with your primary care provider before your visit to see whether any lab work is needed. Your primary care physician may recommend and order certain labs based on your age and medical history. Any labs ordered by the physician will be processed in accordance with the patient’s medical plan. Please note that routine labs such as a complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid, hemoglobin A1C and prostate specific antigen would be covered at 100 percent under RSFH’s preventive benefits as long as the services are filed with a routine preventative diagnosis code and rendered by a provider in the RSF Health Alliance network.

  1. Complete the Personal Health Assessment on the new Wellness Works website starting in March to be eligible to be Qualified.

In March, all teammates will need to register and agree to the terms and conditions on the new Wellness Works website. Then, all teammates should complete the Personal Health Assessment. More information will be shared when the website is live in March.

  1. Participate in wellness activities to to be eligible to be Qualified.

All teammates will be asked to participate in some select wellness activities.

We’ll share the eligible activities from which to choose in March on the new Wellness Works website.

Teammates still will have the opportunity to earn credit for self-reported blood sugar and cholesterol screenings, but lab work will not be required. Teammates also will be able to earn credit for their Body Mass Index (BMI), but the goal has changed.

Teammates must be in the normal weight range of 18.5 thru 24.9 as recorded during your annual wellness exam to earn full credit. This 18.5-24.9 range is the federal standard for a normal weight BMI. In the past, RSFH gave credit to teammates who achieved a BMI up to 28.9. The federal range for overweight is 25 to 29.9.

RSFH had varied its interpretation of BMI because it was one of only four goals teammates needed to achieve to be considered Qualified. Now, with the abundance of wellness opportunities, RSFH is returning to the federal guidelines for normal weight.

Details about these other points-eligible activities will be announced in March and will include specified preventive screenings, participation in certain weight management programs and community service events.

If you have questions, you can call the RSFH Human Resources Benefits Team at (843) 720-8400 or e-mail the Wellness Works team.


  1. I am all for healthy living and encouraging everyone to do so. However, that is an unrealsitic BMI goal for the majority of the people. I would be very ineterested in knowing what percentage of employees fall in that range. I agree we should all strive for better health but it seems contradictory for our corporation to implement such a policy when you cant take a sick day when you are sick without loosing 2 PTO days. This encourages people to come to work sick endangering coworkers. I think the current policy could be revised to allow someone who is truly ill and can provide a statement from a doctor, to use EIH. There are folks that will abuse it sure, but I think those folks could be identified easily.Some of us who have maxed out on sick time for years and don’t even accumilate it any longer, feel punished.

    • Karen Buerkle says:

      I fully agree with Jeanine!

    • Wellness Works Team says:

      Meeting the BMI standards is not mandatory. We understand that having a normal weight BMI is a challenge for many people – that’s why the program will reward folks who can achieve it with the highest # of points (50) for any single wellness activity; next year there will be opportunities to earn points for BMI improvement too.

      The 2019 Wellness Program will give teammates the opportunity to engage in activities and resources that they feel will be most beneficial to them.

      BMI is just one of many opportunities for teammates to engage in the 2019 Wellness Works program. Others will include preventative screenings, dental cleaning, community service, mental health workshops, financial health workshops.

  2. I agree with Jeanine. The fact that teammates come to work sick because of the sick day policy is totally opposite of “living a healthy lifestyle” Teammates should be able to care for themselves and not endanger their coworkers or patient population. I also feel punished since I have lost my EIH due to maxing out my sick time. Please revisit this issue; for all Teammates health.

  3. robert foiles says:

    I agree as well.

  4. I agree as well!

  5. I am eager to see what these “options” are. I am a mom to three small kids, all still in diapers and 2 (twins) still on formula. I don’t have money to pay a babysitter to participate in community events, let alone doctors appointments for weight management. I wish we could get “points” for at least BMI improvement. I have never fallen into the federal guidelines for BMI, even in my 20’s and fresh out of boot camp. I can’t wait to find out what this years wellness has to bring.

  6. have to say I agree with everyone above. as long as you show an improvement you should be able to get the BMI point. I also wish you would revise the EIH policy, and go back to EIH incentive or allow us to bank more. I have been maxed out for many years, it kinda seems like a swift kick in the bottom when you are maxed out and aren’t awarded. When you work 12 hour shifts and have busy families with extra curricular activities it is hard to add other stuff that will now be required for work. I wish this was still the best place to work, but unfortunately over the 19 years here I can no longer say that.

    • Isabell Liggins says:

      I agree I have been maxed out for many years, I would love to see the incentive come back.

  7. I Agree that the current EIH policy is unfair for health people who don’t take extended sick time and are capped at 560 hours. Why can’t we use it for illness less than 16hrs with doctor excuse? I don’t see how employees would abuse it since sick calls are already monitored by manager and reprimands are in place if abused.

  8. I agree with Shawna, I am healthy, active and have even had gastric surgery, lost 70 lbs- but still will not meet the standard based on height. We should be given a BMI point for improvement not penalized. I understand the system has to base measurement on a standard, however the majority of the RSFH workforce is going to fail this initiative using such a definitive measure. Also “wellness” is not the culture here. Have there been considerations to provide more counseling, nutrition, stress management and grief workshops? – as overeating and not taking care of yourself stems from these areas. Also, Tanita scales that accurately measure your body composition are beneficial to get a real health picture. Wellness is more than weight.

  9. I find it counter productive to have the new unrealistic BMI goal. It does not account for age or sex. This needs to be reevaluated. I also find it amazing that BMI is more of a focus on lab work. Lab work would give a more accurate picture of health. I also wonder how community service ties into my health benefits. I also have a family life outside of work, and have little time to “volunteer” for wellness points. This new wellness works policy, just seems like a “head scratcher” and confusing.

  10. I am in agreement with my fellow Roper employees about the very unfriendly PTO/EIH policy for sick time. But the new Wellness BMI ranges are especially painful when in my office we are ALL actively trying to loose weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and we are even exercising on our 30 minute lunch breaks…but to find out now after almost a year of hard work that we have to be in a certain BMI range or we don’t qualify at all and in order to get the “point” we will have perform community service is very, very disheartening to say the least. I very much hope that the people “in charge” of the Roper Wellness regulations will have a change of heart.

  11. Jennifer says:

    How does this new BMI account for those that may become or who are pregnant?
    When will this website be published for the new Wellness works survey?
    Do we have a form to bring to our Dr as in past years? Where is it?
    There seem to be 3 sections, but some things are weighted or get “credits.”

    I feel like this new program needs a breakdown of what we are supposed to do with whatever “points” go with things and what our total “score” is supposed to be. I’m all for trying to live a healthier life, but this sounds complicated at the moment. I’m interested in the breakdown.

  12. Ron Grubb says:

    I feel that the new changes are totally unrealistic. The BMI does not reflect any differences between male and female. It also seems to be a ploy to suck extra money out of dependable employees and restrict our coverage, A dictatorship.

  13. I was reading the questions in the health assessment and they feel somewhat invasive on my private information. A lot of those questions are the ones that I answer at my doctor’s office. I feel uncomfortable sharing that info on this site. It will not let you move forward in the questions until you answer all on the page.

  14. Mary Dennis says:

    I too feel like its invasion of my privacy. I”m sure it will be said all info is confident but someone besides my doctor is reading it.

  15. I would like to see my old wellness results. They are not there anymore since the new website was added. Is there a way to view the information from the past years?

  16. Arlene Watrobski says:

    I have always been disappointed in the benefit packages changing for those senior staff members dedicated to the organization. Those of us that have been with the organization the longest. I do my best to stay active and be well. I have been fortunate to not use sick time — ever. I lost the benefit of EIH, paid out at the end of the year for hours exceeding the max. That was many years ago so now I just loose sick time every year.

    Doesn’t seem quite fair to an older employee.

  17. Admittedly, I’m very confused by this whole process and I’m not really sure what kind of shenanigans administration has approved here. This “voluntary program” might need a little rethinking.

    1. I have to earn “points” in order to qualify for a service I am paying for?
    2. The logs we are being asked to input values for are based completely on the honor system. I could walk 50 steps for the day but enter 5000 in my log. No one would know but me.
    3. We are being asked to put in circumference measurements for our abdomen, neck, arm, leg, chest, hips, etc? We don’t even measure all of those things for our patients we care for daily.
    4. Will we be supplied with pedometers or Fit Bits or something that will allow us to count our daily steps for input?
    5. Did you know if you enter 1-7 alcoholic drinks per week you are labeled high risk for alcohol abuse? Really?? So if I have a glass of wine with dinner each night I’m off work (4 nights) I’m at risk for alcohol abuse?

    Perhaps our “benefits” are not really benefitting us any longer? For a mere $60 more every two weeks I can get my own individual plan with BCBS and not have to jump through these hoops. Or, if a group of us would like to gather together, maybe we can get our own group rates with BCBS?

    • Another RN says:

      I agree 100% with what RN said, “voluntary program” but required to fill out to become qualified FOR SOMETHING I AM PAYING FOR!!!! I quit filling out the Personal Health Assessment and hope that someone will be revamping this, first of all it’s intrusive and secondly some of it is none of the workplaces business. This is stuff that I would only prefer to discuss with my doctor, but yet you are requiring me to do it in order to be qualified for insurance that I pay for. Why does my work need to know if I wear a seatbelt? Why is this your business, actually the majority of the questions I feel are like this, intrusive and none of your business.

  18. The first post from Jeanine regarding the new wellness works was posted Feb 20th. I have yet to see any of our concerns addressed from senior management. Its frustrating that we are expressing our concerns and yet they are not addressed. I am wondering what its going to for our concerns to be acknowledged.

  19. I agree with all of the concerns. I too am a single mom, and my work schedule already requires me to pay for help with childcare. My time off should be my time off, and not force me into doing community things. I do my own community service, on my own time, with those whom I deem need it.
    The BMI issue is unreasonable. My labs have always been far better than most of my co-worker’s, but my BMI is higher. Improving BMI and good labs should stand for something, not simply appearance. Health over appearance.

    I agree with Shawna, I would like to know if our concerns are being heard and will there be any action taken.

  20. This is a message from Corporate Communications. We’ve shared every concern posted above with one of our Human Resources benefits specialists, and someone will be reaching out to you soon to talk specifically about the issues you’ve raised. Going forward, rather than posting a comment on this post, please reach out to our Wellness Works team at WellnessWorksTeam@rsfh.com. We also plan to post Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Wellness Works soon, and you can submit those at WellnessWorksTeam@rsfh.com

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