Smooth Moves hosts kickoff event for Smooth Operators

Smooth Moves, the system-wide Safe Patient Handling Program, hosted on Feb. 8 a kickoff event and training for its new unit champions.

The unit champions, or Smooth Operators, are bedside teammates who have a unique focus and commitment to using safe patient handling equipment and technology to safely mobilize patients while they are in the hospital. .Smooth Moves is one of the ways we are enhancing teammate safety at RSF

President and Chief Executive Officer Lorraine Lutton spoke to the group, thanking them for their commitment to safety and expressing her support for this important initiative.

This group now has specialized training on the equipment to lead and coach their peers. This training will provide safer transfers to protect patients and teammates from harm or injury.

The Smooth Operators include nurses, techs, radiology techs and physical therapists from departments across the system. The Smooth Operators will promote our culture of safety by supporting a zero-lift strategy and our organization’s transition to a minimal lift policy.

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