Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers new general compliance training


Dear teammates,

Thank you for completing the annual compliance mandatory module furnished via NetLearning. Your participation is critical to Roper St. Francis’ success and a required element of ensuring an effective compliance program as promulgated by the Office of Inspector General.

RSF is considered a first-tier, downstream related entity to Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs). As such, RSF is required to annually furnish compliance training to its workforce and business partners. Historically, our NetLearning compliance module satisfied this requirement.

Unfortunately, despite nationwide protest, this approach no longer suffices. By Dec. 1 and annually thereafter, RSF must distribute and make available an unmodified version of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services standardized general compliance training and post-test to our teammates.

The training may be found on the Corporate Compliance departmental webpage on Careline,. The training outlines the key elements of effective compliance programs and the mechanisms for reporting potential noncompliance or fraud, waste and abuse, as well as a variety of compliance resources.

All teammates are encouraged to review this material by Nov. 30, 2016. Evidence of completion is not required this year.  As such, completion of the post-test is not necessary but rather may be used as a tool to determine your understanding of the material. 

Due to the timing of this CMS initiative with our year-end close in NetLearning, it would be confusing and inefficient to make changes to the current process. We will regroup in 2017 and most likely use the existing compliance module in NetLearning to include an unmodified copy of or reference to this CMS training in the future.  Similarly, teammate orientation and Taking the Helm also will be revised.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to the additional compliance training.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Compliance Department at (843) 720-462 or (843) 212-8073.

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