Mindfulness: RSF celebrates National Compliance Week


NOTE: RSF is celebrating National Compliance Week from Nov. 6-12.

We are reminded to take care of ourselves with routine checkups, healthy eating and exercise. This kind of personal mindfulness is equally important for our emotional health or intelligence.

Having the right attitude is the key to success.  Emotional intelligence is “the ability to recognize one’s emotions, understand them, and realize how they affect others,” according to a Mindtools.

This mindfulness also involves one’s perception of others. When a person can understand how another feels, the relationship evolves and tasks are handled effectively.

Daniel Goleman, American psychologist and author of “Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ,” addresses emotional intelligence as being made of five elements: 1. self-awareness; 2. self-regulation; 3. motivation; 4. empathy; and 5. social skills.

In summary, Goleman explains that individuals with poor emotional intelligence tend to overreact or behave abrasively when disappointed, under pressure, fearful or upset.

“If emotional abilities aren’t in hand, there is no self-awareness which results in the inability to manage distressing emotions,” he writes. “Effective relationships are rooted in empathy. As such, a lack of empathy results in poor relationships and it is near impossible to accomplish endeavors when people are unable to work together.”

Healthcare most certainly produces stressful situations. The ability to control emotions and be mindful is paramount to building the relationships necessary for Roper St. Francis to be successful.

It’s important to be mindful. If one feels the pressure to do something that doesn’t feel quite right, it is important it is discussed and/or reported.

Teammates are encouraged to address concerns through the chain of command, but it’s perfectly acceptable to seek support and guidance from a compliance professional at any time, especially if the situation or decision could lead to a violation of policy law, or other standard.

Thank you for having a teachable, humble and accountable attitude in your RSF endeavors. This level of mindfulness is a cornerstone to the system’s success.

If you have any questions about this memo, please don’t hesitate to contact one of your Compliance Officers at 720-8462 or 402-1197.

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