Mission 2020 update: Taking a closer look at open positions

mission 2020

A crucial goal of Mission 2020 is operating more efficiently to ensure Roper St. Francis is a stable healthcare system and an industry leader. Reduced reimbursements and various market changes serve as clear warning signs that we must be more resourceful than ever.

This is why Mission 2020’s Labor Core team is recommending that leaders take a close look at every position that opens. The Labor Core Team is developing a new FTE requisition process that will evaluate vacant jobs. Leaders will use this process to determine whether the work load for an open position is increasing or decreasing and to gauge the necessity of filling vacancies. Also, leaders will consider filling positions with internal candidates before looking outside the system. In addition to this process, leaders will use these standards to examine the more than 300 posted positions that have not yet been filled.

You may ask: Why fix a system that doesn’t appear to be broken? The healthcare landscape is changing and we know that the ways Roper St. Francis has succeeded in the past will not ensure success in the decades to come. The Mission 2020 initiative is designed to implement new and sustainable ways of strengthening revenues. The system’s success in 20, 40 and even 60 years rests, in part, on our success with Mission 2020. To ensure accountability, the Mission 2020 Steering Committee has decided that leaders who are members of the core teams will be evaluated based on how successfully they’ve accomplished their teams’ goals this year.

Thank you for your involvement in Mission 2020 and for supporting this important initiative.


David L. Dunlap

President and CEO

Roper St. Francis

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